Friday, June 27, 2014

Cars are Dumb - and Deadly.

Ugh.  Again and again and again.

Just this week in Japan -

If anything else in the world was the direct cause of so much death, destruction and horror we would surely do something about it, right? So, why don`t we?

It`s much too easy, wherever we are, to find recent tragic stories just like this one. We know that tomorrow there will be more. How can this be acceptable?

Could it be that automobile culture has shaped the world we live in to the point where it has become impossible for people to imagine any other way of living?

We seem to be as cluelessly satisfied as the goldfish in a fishbowl that can`t possibly imagine the existance of any better way of life - like streams and rivers and lakes.


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  1. Yup... Up to twelve people a day are killed by cars in Germany. And that's a good day.

    This does not include those killed by pollution and other indirect causes.

    A few years ago someone shot eleven people in Germany and killed them and things were cancelled for a 'national day of mourning' and calls for guns to be made illegal etc. I pointed out that this death toll happens all the time on the roads and was told: "Yeah, but that's normal"...

    Oh... so that's alright then...