Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yokohama Haunted Halloween night ride

Join us if you dare!  The free Haunted Yokohama Halloween night ride event will be Saturday October 25 - 7PM. 

We`ll decorate the bikes a bit with some lighted jack o`lanterns which I`ll have available for everyone.  Some kind of costume would be cool but optional. 

We`ll pass through some spooky Yokohama locations - sites of some dark and creepy (true) tales from the city`s history.
All are welcome - let`s meet up at 7PM at Yokohama Station NorthEast Exit A.
The ride will be slow and easy and last about 2 hours or so.  We will, of course, end the night with a refreshment or two at one of Yokohama`s finer drinking establishments, so bring a bit of spending ¥ if you`d like to join us for that.

Please let me know if you plan on coming and/or need a bike - hope to see you there!