Monday, June 13, 2011


It`s been over two months since the accident, but at long last, the bike is finished.   Picked it up this morning and and took it for a short ride to Yamashita Park.

"Big Dumb Yuba" - New Surly Big Dummy Fork and Salsa Gordo rims.

New Tioga threadless headset and Bazooka adjustable stem.  Sweet!

BUT...what is wrong with the above picture?
Highlight to reveal answer -- > They put the #%$&!#*!!ing stem on upside down! sheesh.

OK - no big deal.

The bike rides great and, after changing the handlebar position a bit, it feels very comfortable.   So, aside from above mentioned screw-up,  which I can take care of, I`m very pleased with the end result.   It definitely sucked not having the bike around for 2 months and dealing with the insurance company was a big PITA, but after all that, I think I ended up with one helluva nice ride.

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  1. Hi James!

    Never mind about the fork being 1 cm taller, than the original one.
    My Mundo V1 rides with a fork that is almost 5 cm longer, than the original. And I don't feel an difference to the old one.

    The only difference is the bottom bracket being extremely high now! 31 cm above the road! I have get out of the saddle for every stop. But I can keep on pedaling even while leaning into turns!

    I would not got to that repair shop again. The fork is visibly damaged and they didn't notice it!
    The fork is the most delicate part on a bike and gets damaged very easily! A good mechanic should have noticed it!

    You mentioned the posibility of selling the old Yuba, because of the insurance. I think it would be very hard to find someone to buy an undammaged Mundo for a reasonable price, because a Mundo is so very special...
    And probably the Surley Big Dummy fork might be more rigid than the old one.
    I totaled my fork without an accident! I just braked very hard and had to ride down a 12% grade hill twice a day with a kids trailer attached to the bike.
    I thought about the Big Dummy fork, too, but I decided to get the "Velotraum" fork. It is certified for tandem use up to 180 kg total weight. But it has a geometry, that is suspension-corrected and 4,7 cm longer than the original one.

    But with new rims the Big Dummy fork should do the job, too.
    I think, my fork gave up to the hard pulses that the brakes caused, because the rims were of bad quality. The point were the ends of the rims are joint together were not fitted exactly enough.